Ingrained Beloved One

CremainGem symbolizes love and honor via a genuine object made from 100% cremains of beloved one.  Each piece is unique in both meaning and appearance.

Its ingrained personalization provides connectedness, comfort, and peace of mind for the holder.


A Bit About Us

Genuine Tribute, Unique Family Legacy

MindMani Co.,Ltd. was originally founded by Kool Kuljira Sujirote in response to the departure of her beloved father. Her long experience in material R&D has transformed his pure cremation remains into an object that is unique in both meaning and appearance. It gently replaced inner emptiness with love and gratitude for the family.

“The CremainGem represents mind value that provide connectedness, comfort, peace and recollection for the holder,” she explained. “It could assist the healing process during the initial stage of separation by accompanying physical, memorial and spiritual feelings. After grief subsides, the CremainGem reminds us of the precious and limited time that life provides. The story and wisdom values of the loved one can be honored and tangibly passed on to future generations.”


We Share Your Pain

Together in the new Covid-19 pandemic, we cordially offer a standard CremainGem of your beloved one, with purchase. 

Additionally, you will be eligible for special discount for number of items ordered:

 10% discount for the first item, 20% for the second item, and 30% from the third item onwards.

Last but not least, free shipping worldwide is offered to payment > US$1,000

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