CremainPhoto: Symbol of Love & Honor

CremainPhoto offers an option to permanently affix photo, drawing on identical CremainGem. This keepsake offers a visual remembrance of beloved one that vividly displays character full of inspiring story of the ancestor. It is a genealogical treasure for handling down from generation to generation.


Cremains Submission

When we receive an order to create the CremainGem, we will send you a CremainGem welcome kit. Please follow the instructions on the shipping guide included. All remaining cremains will be shipped back with the ordered items and CremainGem certificate.


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Oval CremainPhoto

  • CremainPhoto Standard

    Material : Cremation remains of beloved one

    Shape : Oval

    Size : 21 x 16 x 3 mm3

    Weight : 2 g

    Color : varied, reflects identity of the owner

    Surface : Ceramic decal photo