CremainGem symbolizes love and honor via a genuine object made from 100% cremains of beloved one. Each piece is unique in both meaning and appearance. The color and texture can be varied according to consumed elements gradually accumulated in the body and persist through. Its ingrained personalization provides connectedness, comfort, and peace of mind for the holder.


Cremains Submission

When we receives an order to create the CremainGem, we will send you a CremainGem welcome kit. Please follow the instructions on the shipping guide included. All remaining cremains will be shipped back with the ordered items and CremainGem certificate.


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Tear Drop CremainGem

SKU: CG1403
  • Material : 100% cremation remains of beloved one

    Color : varied, reflects identity of the owner

    Size : 13 mm x 8 x 4 mm3

    Weight : 1 g